The Angel Tree at Auntie’s

When you walk into Auntie’s Bookstore during the holiday season you might notice a tree graced with paper angel ornaments and perhaps a few gold stars, too. This tree is aptly named the Angel Tree. Many underprivileged children grow up without the magic of books. They do not get to experience the wonder of an epic adventure, the warmth of a stirring romance, the thrill of intense action that a good book can provide.

The Angel Tree aims to provide these children with those books. Written on these paper angel ornaments are the names, ages, and book wishes of local children in need. Customers come into the store, select an angel, and buy books according to the angel’s specifications. Auntie’s makes sure the books are given to the children and a gold star with the donor’s name takes the place of the angel on the tree. Auntie’s Angel Tree has been bringing the joy of books to children for a decade and accepts donations all year round.

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