How to Find the Right Houses for Sale in Spokane

This Home looks nice, but was way overpriced, in a bad neighborhood, and had structural issues.

Houses for sale in Spokane should meet certain criteria, and if you are new to purchasing a house, you may feel that knowing what to look for can be very difficult, and very overwhelming at times.

At Synergy Properties, we have the home buying process down to a science, and would like to offer some advice about what to look for before making a final decision.

We advise you not to immediately close a deal just because you really love the way the house looks. There are other factors that you should research and think about. So, you should consider these three main factors:

  • Location
  • Structure Condition
  • Price

Do not just rely on the Internet. In the event that you find pictures and information about a house for sale in Spokane, you need to delve deeper and research the three previously mentions factors. Most of the time, internet sites cannot accurately give you the actual value of homes. Moreover, some of the size information can also be wrong.
First and foremost, you must consider the house’s location.  Have you taken into consideration the annual cost of fuel, from where you will live to where you work and play?  Is it close to the things you like to do?  Are you familiar with the neighborhood.

  • You must take into consideration where you work, or where your children go to school. Are there any properties located nearby? You must also consider the establishments near the house. For example, residential houses with many industrial and commercial buildings may lower the value.
  • The next thing you should consider is the neighborhood demographics. Synergy properties can supply you with this information. We have a wide range of information for our clients to learn more about their prospective homes. However, you can also do your part by talking to the neighbors.
  • For a large family, you may want to live close to where the schools are. Especially if you still have small children, it is better to have houses within the boundaries of certain school districts.
  • Find out about any possible noise factors. Traffic from nearby commercial areas may bother you and may affect your daily life.  Are you below the flight path of nearby airports?

Structure Condition
Of course, this is very important. You don’t want to buy a house that needs lots of repairs right? Here are just some of the factors you should think about.

  • The roof’s age and when it was last replaced or repaired. This is very important because faulty roof structures can be a disaster, causing flooding, and other damage.
  • The type of foundation used, is it raised or not? Sometimes, we advise clients to consider homes with raised foundations for easy access to the plumbing and electrical circuits.
  • You must also check for the plumbing and electrical circuits. It is preferable to have a house with these systems updated.  Some houses for sale in Spokane still have what’s known as “knob and tube” wiring.  This is when you would want to bring in an inspector to make sure that it is safe and in good working order.

It is good to meet with a lender before you go searching for a home. This will give you an idea of how much home you can afford, or whether you even qualify to buy a home at this time.  You may find out that you can afford a much nicer home than you originally thought.  Here are some things to factor into the price of the home.

  • How much of a monthly payment am I comfortable with?
  • What will the taxes and insurance cost me each year?
  • How much does it cost to heat this house in the winter months?
  • Is this house at or below market value?

The price can be really tricky, this is the reason why it is necessary for you to find a reliable and experience real estate agent to balance these factors. We at Synergy Properties aim to provide you the best services so that you can get one of the best houses for sale in Spokane, with the best location, in the perfect condition, and at a very affordable price.