How Effective are Open Houses?

Without question, home buyers today are very different from twenty years ago. With the rise of mobile apps, tablets, and specialized blogs, home buyers are trading in physical searching for virtual searching. Some use real estate based websites such as Trulia or Zillow. Others browse homes from their realtor’s website. With all of these changes, is having an open house necessary to have your home sell successfully?

Around 97% of all realtors use open houses to market a home. Of the 97% that use open houses, only 41% say they actually help homes to sell. Some of the benefits of having an open house include more home exposure, possibility of prospective buyers walking through without having to set up an appointment, and feedback on the home’s price and features. Open houses also have their downsides including security threats, actual home offers are rarely produced, and the added stress of making a great first impression to buyers.

Here at Synergy Properties, we like to use the “kitchen sink” approach to real estate marketing. We meet the needs of prospective buyers and sellers by posting their home to many places online, print marketing, and holding open houses when requested. Although our marketing emphasis is online, open houses always have the possibility of generating a sale and we would love to put one on just for you. If you would like to view open houses in the Spokane area click here.

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