Finch Arboretum

Since the first tree was planted in 1949, Finch Arboretum has been a wonderful place to visit to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a gorgeous, sprawling 65 acres of wooded hills located in southwest Spokane and is home to a botanical collection of native and cultivated trees and woody plants that have all been labeled for field study. These plants are not only scientifically important and aesthetically attractive but also educationally pertinent and the center is used as an “outdoor classroom” by students, naturalists, horticulturists, gardeners and photographers alike. A picturesque park settled on the bank of the Garden Springs Creek, it boasts a myriad of landscapes visitors can come experience and enjoy. The grounds are open daily, admission is free, and you can even download a walking guide for a self-guided tour, though guided tours are also available.

We owe this beautiful center to John A. Finch, for whom the arboretum is named. Born in England, John settled in the Spokane area where he invested heavily in northern Idaho mining operations. He was also the president of numerous businesses and was an Idaho State Senator for a number of years. When he died in 1915, he left a great deal of his fortune to charity, some of which was used to purchase the land where the arboretum now sits. Since the first planting, which comprised of 49 specimens, the center has grown to house over 2,000 trees and shrubs thanks to John Finch’s philanthropic spirit.

For more information on the Arboretum including a list of seasonal highlights, upcoming events, a map of the center, and a gallery of pictures, visit or their Facebook page at

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