The Five Best Real Estate Apps

Many customers have asked Synergy Properties how they can increase their viral visibility or find the perfect home online. One of the best ways to go about doing this is by using a tablet or smartphone application. By using these applications, it allows our customers to search for homes at their own convinience without having to be at their computer.

1. Real Estate by Trulia



Trulia recently updated its real estate app, so that it is incredibly user friendly. The user has the ability to search for commercial, residential, or rental listings. Users can also use this app to search for open houses in their area, find the perfect real estate agent, or check out the crime ratings of any area. As if that weren’t enough, users can also search for local school ratings and the history of a property they are interested in.

2. Lovely



Lovely is also another great real estate app. It has most of the same capabilities of the Trulia app, however, it allows you to set alerts on certain areas, so that you can know when a new house hits the market. It also has the unique feature to see if the area you are looking at is pet friendly.

3. Homesnap



This app is certaintly unique. If the user takes a picture of a home they are interested, the app will supply them with all the available information on that home. It also has the worthwhile feature of telling users whether or not a home has good investment or appreciation potential.

4. Zillow Mortgages



This app is perfect for prospective buyers that have narrowed down their home search. It has a fantastic mortgage calculator that lets you know how much home you can afford. It has also been equipped with a refinancing calculator that shows you how much you need to save.

5. Trulia Mortgages



Trulia Mortgages is very similar to Zillow Mortgages, but is slightly more user friendly and more modern in design. Whether you go with Zillow or Trulia Mortgages, your knowledge of what type and price of home you can afford will certainly increase.


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