The Garland District

The Garland Business District is a non-profit corporation focused on promoting and supporting healthy businesses in the Garland area as well as enhancing its community involvement. In 1910, the building of the street railway system in Spokane planted the seed for the district to take shape and it has continued to grow since. Among many notable buildings the district boasts are three that are eligible for the Historic Register, including the Masonic Temple, built in 1922, The Milk Bottle, built in 1935, and the Garland Theater, built in 1945. The Masonic Temple is architecturally stunning with a Romanesque revival-type style flaunting gabled parapets, round arches, and decorative motifs. Not to be outdone, the Garland Theater has a beautiful Art Deco style architecture—a foremost example in the Pacific Northwest. Many of the Garland’s businesses still have their original neon signs dating back to the 1950’s, adding to the district’s amazing atmosphere.

A leader in environmental sustainability practices and supporting local merchants, the Garland District has many businesses definitely worth checking out. These include a couple hobby and art shops, vintage clothes, thrift stores, pet grooming, a comedy theatre, a few salons, enough bakeries to die for, family-owned diners, and of course the Garland Theatre. Also in the district are several churches and other local small service providers. It also holds lots of events including street fairs, live music, speakers, and even a “Christmas on Garland” event. For more information on upcoming events, a list of vendors, a map of the district, and photos, you can visit their Facebook page at and their website at

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