The Importance of Charity

The holiday season is a rush of retail and adrenaline, when middle-aged soccer moms and deal seekers extraordinaire fight to the death for the lowest priced merchandise. Well, maybe not to the death, but it still gets pretty intense. Yes, it is the season of consumerism, but it also goes by another name—the season of giving. Charity donations skyrocket during the holidays and for good reason. The winter months can be really hard on the homeless and underprivileged families who need to pay for heating bills and warmer clothes. Many families must sacrifice food in favor of warmth when managing their expenses. But, it is also the time of year when people really feel the spirit of giving. Charity organizations have tons of food drives, toy drives, etc. during the holiday season and help many families in need. Donating to charity this season is the best gift you could give yourself. Yes, you read that right—yourself. The feeling one gets when doing something selfless like charity is unparalleled in the scope of human emotion. In the simplest of words: it feels good. And it does good, too. Donating to charity puts food in a hungry child’s belly, gives a little girl a doll to cuddle, warms the house of a struggling family, places a book in the hands of a wide-eyed teen, wraps a coat around a shivering boy an spreads joy and love around the world (cheesy but true). The best gift you could give someone else is the gift of charity, and it so happens that is also the best gift you could give yourself.

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