A Simple Guide to Sell Your Home

Deciding to sell your home is a very large decision full of opportunities and new responsibilities. It is important to Synergy Properties that our current and future clients understand the home selling process. Below is a step by step guide on how to do just that!

1. Decide whether or not you want to hire a realtor

Although the internet and an increasing tech-savvy population has made it easier to sell your home, 93% of all home seller still use realtor to complete their real estate transactions. Realtors are a good resource to take advantage of because they have education and experience in the real estate market, they help negotiate deals, they take care of all your real estate needs, and they are subscribed to the Multiple Listing Service which displays 90% of all homes for sale.

2. Determine your listing price

Whether you are working with an agent or not, it is important to set an attractive listing price for your home. Take into account your home’s location, number of bedrooms and baths, recently updated features, year built, etc. On way to do this is comparing your home to those like it for sale in your neighborhood! Click here for market insider information on your area!

3. Advertise and show your property

Before you begin this step, it is important that your home has been cleaned and has all the necessary repairs. There are many different online tools that you can use to help advertise your property! If you are working with an agent, they should be well aware of these tools and use them to give your home the most exposure possible. After advertising your property, buyers will come along and be interested in seeing it. At that point, your agent will set up showings which will hopefully turn into an offer. Here are

4. Negotiate and Accept an Offer

Negotiation is the next key step in the home selling process. After you have showed your home and received one or more offers, you can negotiate the selling price so that both parties feel they are getting a fair deal. When a price has been decided, you accept the offer. Paperwork from the lender’s appraiser, inspector, and any realtors involved in the process is then filled out and you are ready to move!

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