How Synergy Markets your Home Differently

Real estate marketing has changed drastically in the last few decades. What used to be standard is now hardly used and what used to be seemingly science fiction is now reality. Some of the traditional forms of marketing include flyers, open houses, and broker’s opens. Although those methods can be effective, they are not the most relevant forms of real estate marketing. Since we are in the middle of the technology revolution, it is important to meet potential buyers where they are. Where can we find these buyers? Online! Nearly 97% of all prospective buyers use the internet to find their next home. Tools such as mortgage calculators, property records, and neighborhood information are all extremely user friendly and prepare buyers for one of life’s greatest investments. At Synergy Properties we encourage the use of these tools. Unlike some larger real estate brokerages, we are able to focus on certain web based components to insure that your home receives high amount of online traffic. Some of the marketing techniques Synergy Properties uses are featuring your home on over 60 different websites, mention in all of our social media, e-flyers distributed to over 1000 realtors in the Spokane area and many more! If you are interested in listing your home or would like to learn more about how we can market your home give us a call! Experienced agents and Synergy’s professional staff is willing to consult with you at your earliest convenience.

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