Halloween Safety Tips!!

Are your Halloween traditions a trick or a treat?  Our illustrated tip sheet will let you know if real danger is lurking in your Halloween décor


Tiny Houses

In the last couple years, tiny houses have been gaining considerable recognition. Not only are they more affordable than traditional housing, but they also follow the utilitarian trends that are occurring today. However, tiny houses are not the right choice for every eco conscious home buyer out there.


image from tinyhousedesign.com

First off, what is a tiny house? These homes are usually built on some sort of trailer or on a small plot of land. They can range anywhere from 90 to 200 square feet and include a bedroom loft/ loft area, bathroom, dining, and kitchen area. As the name suggests, these houses are small. They are minimalistic in design and take full advantage of all the space available.


image from tinyhouseliving.com

So what type of people live in these houses? Most people who decide to embark on the tiny house journey are those who want to live “off the grid” or are very environmentally aware. Many of these people are in a younger age demographic, idealistic, and have a more communal style of life. That being said, tiny houses are not ideal for a family or for those who are a big fans of open floor plans. Tiny houses are great for those who are content in smaller spaces or for the avid traveler. To learn more about tiny houses, click here!

Halloween Home Safety

This Friday is, you guessed it, Halloween! A time where parents get to dress up their kids in adorable, semi-embarrassing costumes and kids, in turn, get to eat loads of sugary candy. As much fun as this spooky holiday is, there are definitely some safety precautions that everyone should take in order to have the best night possible.

Light It Up!

Halloween is notorious for being scary. Be sure to bring some sort of lighting when you go out trick or treating with your family so that your kids don’t get too frightened. Additionally, place some extra lighting around your home to help trick or treaters see the way to your door and to help you keep an eye on what’s going on outside of your home.

Clean up your front yard.

Because this holiday basically guarantees that sugar spinning children and adolescent mischief makers will be out and about, make sure your yard is free of anything valuable that you don’t want stolen. This is also a good step to take to make sure any kids or adults don’t trip or face safety concerns.

Put Spike away!

This one, I cannot stress enough. Halloween is not the time to let your pets roam free. It is best to keep them indoors. Not only is it safer and less stressful for them, but you also save yourself from the fear that they will get lost or frightened.

 Check your homeowners coverage.

Like many of these tips have mentioned, having trick or treaters even step on your porch or go through your hard has great potential for liability/insurance claims. Check with your insurance agent to make sure you are covered should anything negative happen.

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