Top Five Strangest Halloween Traditions Around the World

1. Germany


In Germany, participants of Halloween hide any knives the may have in the house. They do this in hope of not hurting any lingering ghosts or spirits. Some Germans used to believe that ghosts and spirits were subject to random muggings and stabbings. In order to not aggrevate them further, Germans hid their knives and a tradition was born.


2. China


In China, Halloween is called Teng Chieh. Noted as a day to honor deceased friends and family, people in China often gather food and water and head over to the cemetery. They then place food and water on their loved ones graves in order to pay respect.


3. Portugal


In Portugal, people have been known to throw a small gathering in the cemetery. It is customary that people have feasts of wine and chestnuts within a cemetery in order to honor the deceased. Often brought to these gatherings are special sugar cakes built with cinnamon and herbs.


4. Poland


Unlink the United States, Poland Halloween participants leave their windows and doors wide open on the night of trick-or-treating. They believe that restless spirits roam the air on this night, so doors and windows are left open to welcome these visiting spirits.


5. Hong Kong

Although its not a country, Hong Kong practices the unique tradition of having a Halloween fire. This fire is used to burn money and food. The belief is that this fire will please any of the spirits roaming in the Halloween air.

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