Top Ways to Make Your Home Smell like Fall!

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The multi-colored leaves are falling from the sky to make a “jump in ready” pile, school sports have begun, and recipes for Halloween and Thanksgiving are being discussed. During this time of year, guests are bound to come over for one reason or another. Below are some great tips to make your home mirror the wonderful smells of Fall.

One low maintenance option is to buy Fall scented candles. Scents such as cranberry, pumpkin spice, orchard apple, etc are appropriate for this time of year and will ensure that your house smells like a well kept, inviting home.

Another option is to make your own dried potpourri. First gather a decorative bowl or an empty candle jar. Next collect the different spices that you want to include. Cinnamon, dried cloves, vanilla, and allspice are all favorites. Combine in your chosen bowl and you are sure the have a unique Fall scent flowing through your home.

For a scent that is instantly notices, try stove top potpourri. This is very similar to making dried potpourri. However, you must add water to your chosen spices and let simmer on the stove top. This option produces a stronger smell then dried potpourri.

Smell is as equally important as the other four senses. Often overlooked in real estate, having an amazing smelling home makes that much greater of a first impression on prospective buyers.


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